Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller Review

Razer’s new gamepad has plenty of great features and six extra programmable buttons, but does it live up to its price tag? Is it better than the Xbox One Elite controller?

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  1. Nice try Nintendo but I'm gonna stick with my Atari 2600 controller aka the best controller ever made for fps game

  2. Oh my god, just use a goddamn regular controller. Your game will function perfectly with a regular controller. This has way too many buttons. You are sure to accidentally press an extra button while trying to press something else. This is the maximum of what you need to play any game:
    Xbox One controller (comes with console)
    Headphones with mic (Not the one that comes with console)
    TV Remote for Input and Volume.

  3. Do they make PC controllers that have the Xbox layout but have extra buttons that have TRUE customization? i.e. Where I can map any button to anything I want and not the lame remapping that most have.

  4. I bought this a few days ago for 150€
    At the first day the Triggerstop of the LT Button had a malfunction.

    Also the Analog-Sticks are feeling bad.. not accurate at all.

    The Paddles are okay and I love the idea of the extra Triggers between LT/RT.

    Also you don't get an extra piece of the analog sticks.
    You get 2 regulars and 1 regular in tall and 1 with a round ''head''.

    The programming is pretty easy but what I miss is that you can actually set up your analog sticks.
    For example the deadzone.. what do you get? Nothing.
    Just the Button Layout can be optimized and the lightning.

    Now.. here is my advice.
    Don't buy this for 150€ or even 100€.
    It's not even worth that much.

    I play Shooter and Rocket League most of the time.
    For Rocket League it is okay but nothing you really need to be good in the game or have any kind of advantage.
    For Shooters like I said the Sticks are to heavy imo and not accurate at all.

    Wouldn't recommend this.

  5. I personally think a lot of people are sleeping on the razor controllers. I have the elite it’s a great controller but using 4 paddles has always just felt weird even using two I just feel like the paddles on the elite aren’t good especially the long ones. What’s your opinion?

  6. I got a faulty Razer Wolverine:TE out of the box. I couldn't remap the buttons using the app. Not because the app is broken, but the controller is. My friend controller worked fine on MY pc.

  7. I really don’t like the fact that people are so but hurt over “not wireless” like honestly plug it in the wall right next to you and it will still work at your couch holy crap people use common sense

  8. Wveryone whining about it being wired…yall do realize wired means less travel time of inputs meaning your inputs will be generated in game instantly rather a split second afterwards

  9. Lets now tell everyone that if you buy this for PC, the 6 re-programmable buttons can ONLY be re-mapped to the same function as one of the original buttons on the controller. This means that you can pay a LOT more for a controller that has extra buttons that do the same damn thing as the originals. So you can have for example 2 X buttons, or Y buttons. This controller is a complete waste of money, dont bother!

  10. For pc gameplay can you re-map the additional buttons to anything? The regular elite series 2 you can but needs 3rd party software….. Id be happy if i can re-map the 6 buttons but it would be AMAZING if those 4 others (on front bottom) can be remapped too, but only to actual other keybinds like any keyboard button, find it mostly pointless if I can only remap existing buttons on the controller (ie like Y to one of the back buttons, I want it to use any keyboard button).

    I bought the Razer Sabertooth a good while back, it had additional buttons but could only remap those existing controller ones hence making my point of using it for like Elite dangerous (SO MANY KEYBINDS) absolutely fucking pointless. Gee thanks I can now press Y via the back (I said sarcastically)…. so this is what im trying to avoid and hoping the Wolverine Ultimate is at least like the Xbox elite series 2 with 3rd party software you can remap those 4 buttons to anything on a keyboard.

  11. I bought this controller a month ago and now the right trigger button catches on the plastic of the right shoulder button. I was able to swap it for a new one at Best Buy but now it appears the new one has an issue out of the box. The left stick dead zone does not match the right one. The green dot on the sensitivity screen goes all the way to the bottom edges and the right one does not. I am not pressing the focus or agile buttons. I'm referring to the default dead zones. Seems like the calibration is off. Does anyone else have this issue with the left analog stick?

  12. Just bought a razer wolverine ultimate and love that extra button. I was little disappointed that it didn't come with 2 of the extra long length magnetic thumbsticks which I cant use my scuff thumbsticks on the razer. Googled for parts on the razer and all it come up with is elite magnetic replaceable. If was to order this, will it be compatable with the razer wolverine ultimate? Great video btw and I don't mind the wired controller. A better connection that wireless.

  13. I bought the $10- less version. for about a 1/3rd off on the Microsoft version. Honestly over 20 years of gaming it was one of the worst purchases i’ve ever made. Razer is one if the worst PC companies to invest into and has doubled down for anything they make for Microsoft at this point. Do not buy anything Tagged Razer.

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