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New Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay From Its Developer's Best Players – Piccolo Vs. Android 16

In this exclusive gameplay from Game Informer’s cover story, the two best players at developer Arc System Works compete in an intense match of Dragon Ball FighterZ with Trunks, Android 18, and Android 16 fighting against Piccolo, Krillin, and…

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  1. The game it's looking better and better, the overall pacing seems faster and they bring something that i was hoping for in the future as a neat touch since early gameplays, and that's battle damage

  2. Check out the blasts being knocked into the background as Trunks deflects the Hellzone Grenade. They put a lot of effort into getting this presentation as dead-on as possible.

  3. The more I see if this game the more convinced I am that this is the greatest dragon Ball game made since GT on the og PlayStation and when you hear the developers talk about the game you can hear how serious they were and the time they took to make it look and feel as authentic as possible I can't wait. Just please make a switch version !!

  4. How the hell are people playing this before it comes out I pre-orderd the ultimate edition for Xbox one and still don’t have the open beta

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