Loot Crates and Microtransactions Have Finally Gone Too Far – The Lobby

(Original Live Air Date 11 Oct. 2017) The crew discusses microtransactions and how a few recent game releases, including Shadow of War and the Battlefront II Beta, may be pushing the envelope too far.

EA/DICE later released a statement addressing problems with Battlefront Beta, but we still…

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  1. Triple A companies decided to switch over to a mobile format ever since mobile gaming became so lucrative.. More reasons for Lootboxes to be considered Gambling, it would be the only way to stop it really.

  2. the loot system in D2 is an torrid and vapid mess you can trade in an bright engram to Everse  in the tower and get  lucky exotic sparrows and ships plus emotes and weapon skin for an weapon that you will be unlucky to get it via exotic engrams unless if xur has it on Friday other then that you are SOL  but where as in Halo Guardians you can purchase req packs for some thinglike £17.99 plus vat tax for an bunch of actual exotic and legendary items like armour and weapons but those practices was even in Mortal Kombat x if you want all the crypt items you have to pay $19.99 and to unlock Goro you will have to pay $4.99 even thou he is locked on the disc via the pay wall according to GCN . Centrevez Vectra

  3. What happens 20 years from now when you want to play the game again. Do you enter a cheat code or grind 4000 hours that you don't have…

  4. How about just dont buy a single fucking one and earn your shit.. Miss the days there was no option..actuallyplayed the game to beat it.. not pay more money

  5. NO! Even just cosmetics for lootboxes is not justifiable!
    By agreeing to that crap, you as consumer are giving them power to MAKE A GAME and then LOCK 90% of the CONTENT behind LOOTBOXES.

  6. in just the same way that food products must legally display ingredients and nutritional info, games should be made to publish all of the content you receive for the initial purchase price (i.e. vehicles, weapons, characters, skins, maps, mods, modes, etc.) and publish approximately how long it will take an average player to gain full, unrestricted access to ALL of that content (i.e. 10, 000 hours). Then we, the consumers, can properly decide if we want to spend $60 & 10, 000 hours getting that content, or paying more money in micro transactions to get access to the content more quickly. These game companies are clearly exploiting a morale loophole and it's costing us gamers $billions, apparently. It's obviously wrong, but all they care to say is "it isn't illegal"

  7. This is an issue that I can actually side with anti-gaming legislators out there.

    Gambling or not, I couldn't care less. It's an anti-consumer dreck of a business model inspired by the "success" of the pay-to-win mobile "gaming" market, and they fully intend to bring it into the console/PC gaming markets.

    Let's get this shit banned.

  8. I'm glad that you are making these kinds of review videos and discussing the important matters of gaming, but I want to just make mention that you all should learn to share the ball of speaking and try to not interrupt but let each person have a fair share of speaking and then acknowledge each others points. Also the guys seem to take the spotlight without being respectful of one another. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the videos per say but I felt it necessary to make mention of what it looks like from a viewers stand point.

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