Injustice 2 – Hellboy Gameplay Trailer

Hellboy joins the roster of Injustice 2 for players who have Early Access on November 14th.

Check out all the cutscenes in Injustice 2:
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  1. "Why is is the hand switching sides wahhhh"
    It's like people don't realize every character's model is mirrored when they face the opposite side to help with animation problems otherwise
    And that if it didn't moves would have to be reanimated to prevent some attacks from being impossible to see due to the side they face when executing the attack and the body parts they use
    And that the stance switch automatically reverses your character model to the right or left, depending.
    It's a universal game thing. It's not an attack on Hellboy's lore
    Stop whining.

  2. Y’all people kill me I’m sure we all seen the exact same design when his dlc trailer dropped 🤦🏽‍♂️ lookin back at his movies on how he moved how he fought what guns and lil alien gadgets (or whatever) he used it makes perfect since that he would fight as shown here attitude/special move and all so what if they went for the comic/animation look if anything it suits his whole character in this game (a couple glitches yes) but sheesh people can be so double standard and never satisfied just enjoy the character and if you can’t then simply don’t play with him 😂🙄

  3. What y’all want him to do? (Use his hand of doom to punch his opponent into a vortex leading him/her to the deepest depths of hell then gettin crushed and tossed everywhere a lil by the giant octopus/cracken or whatever it was he fought before only for him to shoot, blast, or toss his opponent back to the stage?)

  4. Did you guys notice that hellboys giant hand changes to the right and left side hand while he fights

    Go check and you'll see I'm right

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