Cuphead – All World 2 Bosses (Expert Mode, S-Rank)

Cuphead’s bosses continue to fall, as Joey moves onto World 2, in his quest to S-Rank everything on Expert Mode until his fingers fall off.

More s-rank Cuphead boss fights in expert mode!

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  1. The more I think about it, the more that I feel Wally Warbles on Expert is a cakewalk comparing to Djimmi the Great, The Genie is by far the worst one to S rank, Wally Warbles is probably much easier just because he isn’t based on luck, but pure skill. 80% of Djimmi’s fight is based on luck

  2. Difficulty ranking (1=hardest, 5=easiest)

    1. Djimmi the Great (RNG are the worst things on Expert, which is why Djimmi is nearly impossible to get an S rank!)
    2. Wally Warbles (The more I think about it, the less I hate it. Borderline impossible at first, but at least you can learn his moves slowly)
    3. Baroness Von Bon Bon (Not that she’s hard, the others are easier, have RNG, but not really bothersome)
    4. Grim Matchstick (The reversed clouds favour your attacks on phase 2 and 3, making it a lot easier than it is on regular)
    5. Beppi the Clown (Basically a pushover, barely anything has changed. Even the infamous last phase felt easy……..)

  3. Boss changes from regular to expert:

    Baroness: Jelly beans spawns against 1st minion, Waffle attacks altered, Gobstopper minion +1
    Djimmi: Much Worse RNG, much more HP,
    Beppi: More HP, otherwise unchanged
    Wally: Eggs split into 5 (from 3), Son’s egg +1 and moves faster, much more HP
    Grim: Reversed clouds direction

  4. To be fair , this is probably my favourite isle. As much as there’s a boss that I hated the most, I still enjoyed it because there’s a theme which is my #1 favourite and my #1 favourite boss is also in this world

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