Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab – VR Gameplay | Oculus Connect 4

Here’s the full virtual reality demo for Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab shown at the Oculus Connect 4 event. Captured on the Oculus Rift, this free demo releases on October 19th.

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  1. "How can we turn the slowest parts of Blade Runner into a painting-by-numbers detective game? Just the aesthetics though, none of the nuance. Oh and make it for the rift, so the gameplay mechanics can be even more painfully dull."

  2. This is not a game, it's a VR experience and it's free. If you have not experienced VR there is little I can add. It's a short companion to the movie, and the street scene is amazing.

  3. i just love the sound of the rain wille you are in the car and you can see all the rain falling
    and all the light's of the city wille you go around…
    i whis there was a game about just that
    nice sound
    city and other place's
    maybe whit umbrella
    or inside a car and other stuff
    playing this game relaxed me instantly…
    untill stuff started to happen

  4. I definitely think they used similar techniques to L.A. Noir's 3d camera array to capture the female' in questions performance. BRAVO! This has been an underused technique since L.A. Noir was released. I mean baking such facial motion captures adds so much to the immersion. Even if you're playing on a flat screen you can still feel as much emotion as in any Law and Order episode. Not to mention the fact that replaying the baked in facial animations has very little cost in user end CPU/GPU. You couple this technology with next gen raytracing and you got yourself a VR experience any Blade Runner or Minority Report would be proud to experience.

  5. make us a normal blade runner game. Not a VR experience, even how cool it might seem.
    I guess blade runner in this day and age, still is a fairly unknown trademark, and devs don't want to invest in something consumers dont know about, but what the hell..! For the few who know about blade runner, it would mean so much. So fuck you big time developers for not already making a Blade Runner action/investigation game, and not some VR test experience for a chosen few. They made Alien/Aliens into a ton of games, they made godfather games, they made a scarface game. They even made a Mad Max game!! but not Blade Runner. the game Industry make me sick. Its all about free to play and Micro transactions, battle royale, PLUBG, apex ledgends, Destiny 1 & 2, just to name a few shitty titles. And ppl buy all that crap, like they were programmed to buy what ever the Donald Trump of gaming puts out. it makes me so sick I wanna puke. But what ever, its not like I have a saying in this..
    Good luck Gamespot with further endevors btw, this critic was not aimed towards you obviously.

  6. Why is there no Bladerunner game for the PS4? It could be an open world similar to Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption but modified for Bladerunner. The VR could be also awesome. They could make two stories focusing on the two movies or within the same universe. What a shame. I would so play that game. Instead there are some shitty new games being made that no one asked for.

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