Assassin's Creed Origins Review

Is this latest entry into the AC series worth the trip, or is this assassin just making random stabs in the dark? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. I don't think i like Gamespot reviews anymore. Underpowered hidden blade? why don't you try and level up and upgrade the blade before trying to assassinate a higher level npc? This game is not a 7. More like a 9 minimum.

  2. I have to agree this whole rpg thing is stupid…the most fun about Assasins creed was stealth and careful timing to kill an enemy now its gone!!!if I wana kill an enemy now I have to complete side missions to upgrade my rank and I have to upgrade my rank to be able to play to side missions too …wtf

  3. My first ever assassins creed game and its honestly one of the best games. Definitely buy it. Don't listen to negative complainers. This game is amazing. Buy it.

  4. I hate how background programs from this game actually makes the game way more taxing. I'm not exaggerating. Someone modded the game so that the background programs don't run. It makes the game way less taxing

  5. I’m glad to see this review got a bunch of flack. It’s not as polished as Odyssey, but for a game that was crying out for changes, this game was a really treat. And this reviewer missed out on about 40 new things that you can now do in the game. Poor review, I recommend reading the comment section instead.

  6. Wow, I’ve never seen so many COWARD ENEMIES in my life, damn near every enemy runs from ya, all I’m doing is chase COWARD ENEMIES. It’s almost all you do!!

  7. The thing i hate the most with this game is how easy you get kill even when you're in a high level any little guy gives you only one stroke a that's it you already agonizing and when you're in a fight and you need to get away for a second well the way the your movements are set won't allow you resulting with your death….i noticed they fixed this with Valhalla but my God is so annoying!!

  8. I know it's an old video but the reviewer is typical of the gamers who dislike the added depth and rpg elements. He moans because he doesn't want to grind. Yes, you can't one shot kill an enemy from the outset but the point is that when you finally do reach that required level the feeling is all the more special.

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