6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting The Evil Within 2

Jean-Luc is here with six tips and tricks to guide you on your way through The Evil Within 2!

Watch boss fights and puzzle solving gameplay:

Check out the E3 2017 reveal trailer!

The Evil Within 2…

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  1. Well my tip is that i suggest you not using your syringes and health items everytime your health is low unless you're in a real tight situation, because you can always sneak past your enemies (even the three headed woman) and go to a safe house and use the coffe maker to restore your health, that's how you can conserve your health items for far more dangreous situations specially on nightmare mode!😃😍💙

  2. Well i killed buzz saw used all my ammo try to help that team member on lorry died when failing to kill like 20 enemys…when i respawn i have no ammo and buzz saw respawned lol

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