Star Wars Battlefront II – Single Player Story Scene (Official)

Iden Versio faces the reality of the Emperor’s demise and receives her first assignment in this cutscene from Star Wars Battlefront II’s single-player campaign.

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  1. In Gundam, they always try to tell both sides of the story, I mean Char Aznable is one of the series most popular characters, and he was on the side of the space nazis.

    I hope now the series will become like this, instead of "magic samurai farmer boy vs mooks"

  2. She'll probably die at the end of the story, along with the destruction of all the characters in the game that won't appear in the movies, if the game is canon to continuity that is.

  3. God I just hope the next Battlefront has a Clone Wars Campaign.

    It would've been so much cooler to recreate the campaign of the (first) Battlefront 2 which was soooo much cooler than this.

    but hey that's just my opinion.

  4. I'm hyped for the story mode in Battlefront II when I was a kid I'd always wanted to know what'd be like to go on missions for the Empire and this is gonna be a chance to see how it turns out I bet there's a twist to the story like she's related to somebody with the Rebels Lucas Arts wouldn't just do a straight forward story there's gotta be some kind of catch, peace, Fantam 39 posted 02/10/17.

  5. ADMIRAL VERSIO: The emperor is dead.
    IDEN VERSIO: So what happens now?

    ADMIRAL VERSIO: We retaliate, commander. The Empire will assort of the very foundation of the rebels' pathetic belief in themselves.
    Tell me Iden, what is the source of their belief?

    IDEN VERSIO: Hope?

    ADMIRAL VERSIO: Hm. Correct. This messenger's presence is a great honour. One I choose to share with my daughter.

    EMPEROR PALPATINE: Admiral Versio, Operation Cinder is to begin at once.
    Resistance, rebellion, defiance, these are concepts that can not be allowed to persist.
    You are but one of many tools by which these ideas shall be burned away
    Heed my messenger. He shall relay you to your target.

    ADMIRAL VERSIO: Operation Cinder is the last command of our Emperor, and the first step in securing our future. Inferno is crucial to its success.

    IDEN VERSIO: What's our targets?


    ADMIRAL VERSIO: That information can wait. For now, your next assignments, they are unusual.
    But these are unusual times. Go commander, do what you do best.

  6. Hope will save us. Operation Cinder is aimed at destroying countless worlds, including Naboo, simply to break the rebel resolve. The Empire is utter evil.

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