PowerA Controller For Nintendo Switch Review

PowerA’s Zelda and Mario Edition gamepads for Switch have smooth analog sticks and buttons, and they’re only $30, but only work when wired and lack motion control.

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  1. thinking of getting my daughter a switch but controllers are expensive, is the motion control really needed can i just buy a power a controller or do you need the joycons for every game

  2. hello, i bought a wired bulbassaur power a control for nintendo switch, but i don't know the reason why the nintendo switch is failing to recognize the control

    Can you say, why the nintendo switch don't recognize the controller?

  3. i have the princess controller that needs a cord that has a little grove in it, do you know where i can buy one because i lost it

  4. I was looking into buying a wired controller for playing my roms and I got this edition of controller cuz it matched the games from nintendo. the input lag is nonexistent. I tell you i had a lot of fun playing the super nintendo games. the controller was super responsive. I did not like however the d-pad, it seems too small and i was having a hard time doing some moves on street fighter 2 like the hojukan and flying side kicks from ryu. but for playing super mario games, oh it was hellish fun. i have played with other gamepads like the logitech and input lag or not responsive enough is what i felt. this felt click idy and fast. another thing is it feels like it was made for small hands, but like i said after playing with it and knowing how good and accurate it felt. I liked it.

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