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Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier Gameplay (No Commentary)

Watch a team of players try and make tough choices during some ape-human drama.

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  1. Two options:
    A: I can go watch the movie for about 6 euro
    B: I can buy this "game" for 70 euro

    Which option should a non-autistic person select

  2. I guess the first "tie breaker" wasn't a tie breaker then. The game looks like there's something missing missing. Even if we consider it a Telltale game, there's gameplay missing, sound missing etc. It's not quite bielevable. As a concept in a draft state, where it'll develop in 2 years into something better i can accept, but not this, not now, no way.

  3. And I doubt any of your choices matter anyway, shitty game…no gameplay might as well call it an extra on the old dvds that had games on them.

  4. I think you should be able to turn off the timer in these games if you want. If it is supposed to be my choices. Sometimes it takes more than 2 seconds for me to make a choice. That's a big problem I have with Tell Tale games.

  5. I wish they made a first person shooter like apes vs humans and like story mode this game does not seem very interesting maybe im wrong we will have to see once this game is released

  6. dude you are so fucking skilled at games, fuck, you could beat dark souls with your feet not looking at the screen eating dewritos holy fucking fuck

  7. Ever since the new POTA movies, I've hoped for a game. Something like a Far Cry Primal, Aliens vs. Predator mix. I'm actually really sad to say that this looks disappointing, it seems more like an interactive movie.

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