Nintendo, I've Missed You – Reboot Episode 14

After years of sheltered development and third-party aversion, the Nintendo powerhouse has come out swinging in 2017.

Do you think Nintendo has made a comeback in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. WAIT, WHAT?????????? "The best open world game EVER MADE"? What are you smoking? SKYRIM, OBLIVION, GTA5, The Witcher 3, FALLOUT are the games that invented and even perfected the open world concept Zelda is trying to recreate. Breath Of The Wild is a good game, no doubt, but it's weapons mechanics and constant inventory micromanaging leave a lot to be desired.

    Have you even played any other open world games??? Because it doesn't sound like you have. Even the story in Breath Of The Wild pales in comparison to some of the games mentioned above. I get that you like Nintendo, but don't get all fanboy on us.

  2. The Nintendo Switch was a disappointment to me because of how underpowered it is. When the Wii U was about to be released in 2012, Reggie let people know that it would be the most powerful console available (although that didn't last long), and then when the Switch was about to come out, he was talking like the power of it didn't matter. Hmmm.

    I am amazed at how well the Switch has done since it's not really anything special, but still glad that Nintendo is doing well. In spite of my disappointment with them every once and a while, I do wish them the best. I haven't gotten the Switch yet because of my disappointment with it, but I may get it someday when there is a Black Friday sale on it.

  3. Nintendo consoles sometimes fail, but I really admire a company willing to take exceptional risks with hardware. While the Xbox did have Kinect, for the most part Nintendo's competition has always felt like something that could be done better on PC.
    They've popularized d-pads, analog sticks, analog triggers, motion controls, Augmented Reality, 3D cameras, and now console experiences and adaptive controllers for mobile gaming.
    I love my PS4/Xbox, but Nintendo drives innovation that affects gameplay in a way that the others don't anymore. The ease of local multiplayer on switch is refreshing at a time when other consoles are phasing out support. We need a strong Nintendo to have a better Playstation and Xbox in the future, and I'm happy to see them find the success they needed this round.

  4. Pull List for Switch 2017:
    – WWE 2K18
    – Super Mario Odyssey
    – DOOM

    Looking Forward To:
    – Metroid Prime 4
    – Yoshi
    – Wolfenstein II
    – BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    My Current Switch Game List:
    Ultra Street Fighter II, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, King of Fighters 98/99/00, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, & Sonic Mania.

    I'm hoping that SNK puts King of Fighters XIV to Switch and Capcom puts Street Fighter V for Switch. I'm a major fighting game fan and love having fighters on the go.

  5. If by "back" you mean "still making kids games exclusively so no one gives a shit about Nintendo anymore"

    Then yes….. you'd be correct….

  6. Give me Overwatch for the Switch and the Virtual Console with all previous games from both 3DS and Wii U and allows you to redownload any game you previously bought (With a £1 service charge each time) and I would die a happy man.

  7. Now I just need a sequel to DKC Tropical Freeze, A New F-Zero and a brand new Starfox game. (Love Zero, but tbh, it's a reimagining of 64.)(Also, a sequel to Metroid Fusion would be amazing!) And Skyward Sword HD. I freaking love that game.

  8. I actually think that the switch will be something historical for video games and that this will be the point were nintendo is going to be one of the three main video game companys again (sony,microsoft,nintendo)

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