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Monolith Explains Changes To Tolkien's Lore In Shadow Of War

In this exclusive video discussion, Game Informer’s previews editor Matt Miller sat down with VP of creative Michael de Plater and narrative designer Tony Elias to discuss building Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s story and why they chose to add and…

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  1. If the lootbox & microtransaction rumors are true, I will just get it for cheap on Ebay, Craigslist or during the holidays. I really want to buy it tomorrow, but I'm going to wait.

  2. What a lot of BULLSHIT! I'm sorry but trying to correct Tolkien… I mean seriously? Just create your own lore…
    Also at 03:40 is straight up lie. NO ONE helped Sauron while he was creating the One Ring. He did it by himself. Read the books for fuck sake!

  3. 1:47 Actually, it is hinted in Fellowship of the Ring that Saruman learned how to create a new ring of power, but it was never specifically stated, so it is up for interpretation.

  4. I've never seen a game ever brought the book to life in games!

    Even the greatest RPG game known to man witcher 3 didnt or just they made their own tweaks.

    Stop complaining people. LOTR's author is dead.

  5. Not even 3 minutes in an they reveal that they didn't even look at a ME-map. Bilbo did not walk straight past the Necromancer in Dol Guldur. Dol Guldur was 200 Miles south from where Bilbo was. If you don't get what that means: that's basically the distance from the falls of Rauros, where the fellowship split up, to Barad Dur.

  6. Maiar can't change how they look they are stuck how they look, Shelob can't change how she looks as well, while they are spirits they are stuck as they look and sauron lore wise lost the ability to take fair form by the time you guys are using so get your fucking facts straight monolith

  7. The problem is that you took liberties to tell a bland and generic story, slotting in names from the books and films as throwback and cameos to compensate for a lack of an actual narrative, A story about a random Ranger in Arnor, or a company of Ithilen rangers doing whatever would have served you as a tool to deliver the game, Would have given way more freedom and not upset any LOTR Fans. Pretty sure no fans of the legendarium want to "fight" Sauron as it's a pointless effort only serving to degrade the character and people who aren't fans wouldn't have given a shit. Why can't devs get this, that we love the worlds these people created, we dont care about your Fanfic. Still think this entire series would have been way more interesting with a lower key applied accros the board, but oh well, spectacle creep gets another one. Good game but a shameful adaptation of JRR Tolkien, misses the point completely

  8. What are these greedy corporate morons claiming? That this is respectful to Tolkien? Okay…

    This is an awful Fan Fiction not respecting its source material in any way. Like making Batman a murdered or making Harry Potter a god. It just dosen't respect anything and should not disrespect the license just to milk cash from petty humans with limited knowledge in the art of creating a story. All they want is a superhero, pretty colors on the screen and explosions. Sort of like anyone who likes Micheal Bay movies. It's insanely disrespectful to a Legendarium such as Tolkien's work. The greatest and largest fiction of mankind made by ONE man. Why did Middle-Earth Enterprises sign onto this? Well they approved of The Hobbit making very stupid things so obviously all of those people involved want money, by making one SHORT book a TRILOGY and making an abomination that is Shadow of Trashdor.

    1. Eh… they had no reason to revive a mere man and make Celebrimbor a wraith for no reason. No Elf has ever been a wraith, they go the Halls of Mandos end of story.
    2. They had no reason to give Sauron a physical form for that is outright against the law of the world.
    3. They had no reason to break the timeline by making Minas Ithil not having yet become Minas Morgul for it happened a long time before Sauron returned.
    4. They had no reason to for whatever retarded reason making Gondor guarding the very Gate of Mordor for it would be a suicide mission. Sauron already had a lot of orcs and his nazgul who could single handely destroy the Gondorian garrison.
    5. There is no such thing as teleporting, getting magical speed boosts, making the sword glow blue and being able to call down a blast of magical energy to stun foes around. It might be possible for someone as powerful as a Maiar or Valar but the a "wraith" reffered to the wraiths of the Barrow-downs who were tormented souls inhabating dead bodies of men. Yes DEAD BODIES not breathing living Men who are just as they were before they died. It's against all the rules of Tolkien. Also under the sorcery The Witch King of Angmar. A powerful Liutentant of Sauron would never revive a man with an entity such as Celebrimbor. It's just absolute retarded fan fiction at bes. Also having a unique power to enter a dead man and literally revive him.
    6. They had no reason to make a Tarzan Dwarf in SoM, no dwarf acts that way in any novel of Tolkien. It's not their culture, again poor writing.
    7. They had no reason to add arguably the most powerful magic of branding other creatures to serve you. It would only be possible by leadership or riddiculous power like the One Ring had over the 9 kings. It's absolute retardation and derives from the very nature of the world it claims to be in.
    8. They had no reason to include Gollum since Gollums purpose dosen't work what so ever, see point "1." about Celebrimbor
    9. Creating a new Ring of Power remotely capable of challenging The One Ring would not be possible by a mere High Elf who is dead by the way so physically can't even attempt to. A maiar like the Wizards could but it would take a great smith to help refine it and risk to be bannished by creating such evil. Even if it meant for good deeds that sort of power dosen't exist.
    10. They had no reason to make Shelob a clickbait and marketing bait for horny little boys where Shelob can't shapeshift what so ever and neither could Ungoliant whom is her mother and far more powerful. She was a gluttonous Great Spider not having powers as shown in Shadow of War.
    11. They physicaly broke the laws of physic by making Isildur, Talion (ugh, poor character writing) and Helm Hammerhand Nazgûls since it would require great rings to create such entities and there were none who could do that. Well none that Sauron could get his hands on in any way due to him not being powerful enough to shapeshift into Annatar which by the way everyone knows was a trap.
    12. They compleatly broke the fact that Sauron could ally with Dragons and even a fucking Maiar. A Balrog. Neither creatures would ever go into service of Sauron, he dosen't have nearly the leadership and respect as Morgoth being a God was and the most powerful being only after Eru Illuvatar, the creator of the Valar who then created Middle-Earth.

  9. All right Game Informer I just need to say this to you guys go monolith did realize that Helm hammerhand in connection to the lawyer wasn't even f**** born yet if we are at the start of the third age if we're at the end of the second age start of the third age Helm hammerhand isn't even m********** born he was born at least three thousand at least a thousand or two thousand years or a few hundred into the third age he was the guy who built Helm's Deep and it's not even referenced in the game at all so f*** off model for making a character when that's not even what his story f**** was

  10. Im sorry, as powerful as eltariel is, there is no way she could take on a powerful maiar like saruman. Fighting nazgul is one thing, taking on one of the most powerful wizards is a whole different ballgame.

    Enjoyable game though!

  11. If Shelob is this future telling, shape shifting, powerful being who hates Sauron… why the fuck would she try and kill Frodo and get an ass whoppin' from Sam?

  12. I expected a little bit of changes but they straight up butchered it. The Drake's, the nEw RiNg a d a whole bunch of made up shit they thought was cool. Fun game but cringe for Tolkien fans

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