Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Is this new Metroid game just what fans have been looking for, or should you morph ball away? Find out in our GameSpot review!

Are you excited to play Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hoping this game is a success and we get another side scrolling metroid that is all new & not a remake. BTW if you buy the digital version can it be resold later on? Im not sure how the 3ds digital versions work or if they can be resold

  2. Meh, it is nice that in this game, it's nice that it went back to its roots but personally, I was kind of hoping this game had some dialogue. Sure it didn't go well the first time but that doesn't mean Samus should never talk again. Granted there is no one around for Samus to talk but now we already know how badass she is already but how is she as a character? Thats just my opinion.

  3. First preorder on 3DS or really anything was smooth transition and as soon as I downloaded couldn't play till release but was available to play immediately at 11pm. Great game must play with 3D on and on New 3DS XL not worth it on New 2DS XL sorry there's a sweet immersive experience.

  4. havent finished the game yet, but I find the lack of music irritating… Repetitive boss fights and environement is boring. Enemy mobs gets reskined different colours and slighty harder to kill, doesnt make them more original… A bit disapointed and nothing like Metroid Fusion Masterpiece where literally 99% of the upgrades gets a boss fight with it. Oh well, the game is fun to play with it's new shooting mechanics.

  5. such a great game, i just finished my first play through and had a blast. BUT having played all the 2d metroid games i gotta say NINTENDO DONT EVER MAKE US USE THE ANALOG STICK IN ANY 2D GAME WHEN THERE'S A D PAD RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1 0f the best games in 2017 basically a fusion of other m & super Metroid! also best most defining game of the 3ds which handhelds today are just mostly ports but this game stands alone great review & incredible game a must 4 any collector

  7. Scrolling through the comments, I saw a sea of jokes surrounding IGN having pain in their hands. I can't find the IGN review anywhere. Did they delete it because it was stupid or what?

  8. Is it as creepy like the older side scroller metroid games? Because that dark sci-fi atmosphere is what i loved in the older parts

  9. I for one wished they do a reboot of Super Metroid, best game of the serie. They should add the same arsenal as this ons. It would be awesome Super Metroid with better graphics and higher difficulty.

  10. I don’t know if Gamespot already said something about this. But why did they take down the video “The history of 2d Metroid.”? Was it because of the name having copyright issues with another video?

  11. After many years rockin my 3DS I finally play this game (my first Metroid experience) and I completely fell in love with it.
    Would be nice if it got a little bit more story to tell but the gameplay is so good and also the 3D effect is marvelous.
    If you're a fan of this genre it's a must buy!

  12. My first metroid was super metroid back in 1995 i was 5 years old i completed until 1999 it was very hard game no internet back then didnt know english nothing to help me i wanted to quit sell it or change it but something misterious about it kept me going best decision ever. I just buy a wii and a 3ds to play MP3 Samus returns and other m i had no money to play them at their time now i do and im a big fan and offcourse i will buy dread.

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