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Is Middle-earth: Shadow Of War The End Of Talion's Story?

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, we speak with VP of creative Michael de Plater about the future of the Middle-earth series. He emphasized that this game will slot into The Lord of the Rings films and that there are still some surprises…

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  1. If they make a triology of this I hope they make the thrid a Calem Brimbor prequel. Talions story has come to an end and it would be kinda wierd having him back because he seems to finally be able to rest in peace.

  2. Just make the story with a better end without locked behind a season pass, and please put effort on detailing the game since many times Characters would y’all without moving their mouths like gollum

  3. A new hero emerge, with a brand new story line. Maybe dwarfs and elves, join forces with our new hero to go against blood trusty vampires, werewolves, and other creatures, to reclaim the ring once more.

  4. I feel like this is the end of Talion's story but after seeing celebrimbor light leave after the tower fell and knowing that his ring is still around tells me there will probably characters to play as, either they have celebrimbor helping them or maybe someone finds the new ring an thats how the story starts for our new character.

  5. No idea why someone hasn't created an open world LOTR RPG like Elder Scrolls, Witcher 3, etc. It would sell extremely well and be one of the best games ever made, especially with how many people it would attract (LOTR fans, and RPG/Open World fans)

  6. The nemesis system is revolutionary . I hope for the sake they're not done making middle Earth titles with this game mechanic . I love Talions story and I wouldn't be too sad or mad if they have to move on without Talion ( cause the Blade of Galadriel made it even more so to say that they're not done making these games) but if they have to I'll respect it . Or if they're making a brand new charector arc that would be cool .

  7. I freaking loved it and I love their version of the story it'd be cool if they made an alternate version where talion and celebrimbor face off Sauron and win or they find the one ring

  8. I honestly would like a game where I wasn’t a overpowering human/wraithlike. Baranor would be great for a full game you could still use the nemesis system with and have get aid from the tribes that were in the first game

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