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Exclusive Gameplay Of A Nazgul Boss Fight In Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

In this Game Informer video to coincide with our October cover story on the new game from Monolith Productions, VP of creative Michael de Plater walks us through one of the game’s new boss fights with a Nazgul and then reveals the backstory of…

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  1. luckily this game is non canon the only man who can even consider this canon lies dead since 1973 or his son who wants nothing to do with the movies or games.

  2. Why do these action games always have these stupid mid battle monologues where two opponent just talk to each other while there's serious fighting going on around them? Of course they have to strike their hero poses while they speak. I'm so sick of that.

  3. Ok everyone just calm the fuck down, they have already said that the game isn't exactly canon to the books. They're aware of the situation dammit, they're just doing their own take on it.

  4. I hate how this game has disregarded Tolkien’s lore and not done its middle earth research properly, there is no way Helm Hammerhand could be a Nazgul, this game is so disrespectful to Tolkien’s work

  5. K, I understand them talking now and then in these videos, but the reason I watch these is to actually see and HEAR the game they are showing, not them constantly yammering over the characters.

  6. did anyone else hear jushiro ukitake?
    btw this game looks amazing, maybe not completely accurate but still amazing

  7. I want to say something to everyone about Helm, supposedly the Rohirrim stated in the books that they thought Helm still haunted the enemies of Rohan: "There was a belief that his horn was sometimes heard in the Deep and that his wraith still wandered through Rohan, and defended the keep that would be renamed the Hornburg" See Appendix A house of Eorl.

    But I agree they shouldn't have made him an evil wraith for Sauron, uncanonical totally but then, what did you guys expect with Shelob becoming a pasty big titted spider bitch? Just don't buy the game like me and problems solved.

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