Destiny Lore You Should Know Before Playing Destiny 2

Catch up on the story of Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, and Rise of Iron before Destiny 2 arrives.

Watch How Destiny 2 Breaks Up The Grind:

or check out a full lap around the European Dad Zone:…

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  1. Honestly the game should have had more cut scenes where you ACTUALLY interacted with people, not speaking and actually not being mute makes you look like a mentally ill killing machine.

  2. this whole video is terrible, you made so many mistakes in the video. one just for example the red legion isn't a cabal faction its the main legion of the cabal empire that was previously ruled by emperor callus altho you had a lot of mistakes it was still amusing too watch 🙂

  3. Great job catching up players new to the Destiny franchise and who jump in to Destiny 2! I wish the original was ported to PC.

  4. Literally no idea what the fuck was going on at any point in this game after watching the cutscenes I was even more confused…..Bottomline I shot anything that wasn't a Guardian.

  5. Long story short. You're a superpowered solider who has messed around with galactic alien gods and races and needs to protect the Earth and Humanity from evil forces called "The Darkness".

  6. Ok here it is .. in destiny 2 Dominus Ghaul the main villian is after pizza maker. The guy who made pizza for him forgot to put extra pepperoni instead he puts extra pineapple..
    Dominus: lets invade Earth

  7. How come this is a "lore you should know before playing destiny 2" if it summarizes all the content from the very same Destiny 2? The title clearly suggests that it would cover what happened in Destiny so you would have a background for what's to come with Destiny 2.

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