Destiny 2 – Japanese Live Action Dance Trailer “Freestyle Playground”

Check out Japan’s live action trailer for Destiny 2 featuring a guardian dance circle!

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  1. Wanna know how the vanguard mapped Cabal communication networks? This. The more Guardians who danced across the system the more the cabal started talking about it and the easier it was to map signals.

  2. "The more we danced, the more the Cabal battlenet lit up with requests for intelligence…"
    "…and that's how we mapped the entire Cabal warnet by shredding the dance floor."

  3. Imagine if the enemy factions joined in

    Fallen would probably do moves inspired by Michael Jackson

    Vex would have the obligatory robot dance moves

    Not too sure about the Cabal, but I'm sure someone will think of something

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