Destiny 2 – Hunter Class Guide

If you’re looking to save the solar system with the nimble prowess of the Hunter, Miguel has some tips for getting the most out of the crafty and agile class.

Which Hunter subclass do you think is best? Let us know in the comments!

Which Destiny 2 class is for…

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  1. I just played as a hunter for the first time. I've played as a warlock in the beginning and I came to the conclusion that despite what I thought I liked playing as, I'm better suited as a hunter.

  2. I think ps4 is better than Xbox 1 in destiny 2, because ps4 starts you out as a guardian protecting the tower from red legion, while Xbox 1 puts you into the tower and it talks about the red legion attack being in the past.

  3. I need help I been playing for a bit on destiny and for some reason if I'm on void hunter class I will be shooting kinetic a special or heavy whatever and it seems when I in pve kill enemy that is unalerted enemy it exploded in a purple like blast and if it was in a grower it would kill them to idk what I'm doing to proc this but I even tested it on my arc damage type bow and arc bite it has dragonfly and explosive head on it and it exploded a mix of purple and blue energy when i did the test so I'm Hopeing someone in the comments can fill me in on it what is it called what are the specifics to go on about maybe a hidden passive ability that's not listed

  4. Don't understand why the dodge is that shit, at least give us an immediate regen or any other buff.

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