Yakuza Kiwami Review

Is the original Yakuza’s remake just small time, or does it show that crime truly does pay? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. this game is free right now PSN store Nov. 2018.
    if you played the original on the PS2 do your self a favor and don't play this one
    they took some buildings away in the city and added a little more story
    the most glitchy yakuza game.. sometimes it feels like Kiryu has baby arms (cant hit anything)
    and the ending omg your fighting 20 guys with guns and every time you get hit with a bullet it takes 30 seconds for Kiryu to stand up and with 20 guys all shooting at the same time ugh !!!

  2. Dunno why people love this game. I find there are too many damn cut scenes. A lot of stupid missions. It gets super repetitive too. Not that great.

  3. I'm so sick of every reviewer on YouTube using big words that I don't know the meaning of (and nobody in my family would either). When I pay close attention to the words being spoken, I hear SO many words that nobody in my family ever uses. Like, who the heck uses words like "Catharsis"?  Not normal people, I know that.

  4. Its a shit gameplay cant understand how comments defend it but i still play it anyway as i am interested in the experience. But the game play is a joke

  5. imagine being gaming journalists and not able to have people that can understand combat in yakuza games, you can do the sickest shit in this series while switching styles mid fight/combo.. i bet they don't know how Majima system works, not even a mention of Komaki and's disgusting rly.

  6. why every games have to have Batman's combat system? I find that one less interesting than Yakuza's, all you do is smash buttons and sometime counter or react to enemies attacks which are extremely obvious. If jumping around looks good to you then fine.

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