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Watch A Four-Player Cooperative Quest In Monster Hunter World (No Commentary)

It wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter game without cooperative play, so here’s a quest full of big monsters and bigger… friendships.

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  1. How does online work? I want to get this to play with my friend, but I don't know how it works. You can just do these kinds of quests together? Or you can…ya know, fuck around like in GTA 5 or Fallout 76?

    Tell me, I'm really curious. We are choosing a game to play together, but we wanna be together all the time and for everything we do.

  2. Never played a monster hunter game before, I’m here because I was curious to start but some of these comments are putting me off. No time for beginners?

  3. why does everyone use big weapons like great swords and hammers? i prefer long sword because I can roll around and dodge attacks and use spirit sword to attack. Plus, long sword moves look cool…

  4. I finish the game lasy year when the game came out but i was in other country didnt have net so i played it offline but then i delete it now again i download it and updating it but im not sure…i only play online only that time i had no net but the thing is are we keep killing the same monsters on and on? I get bored like this…or they keep adding new mosnters with new armors to craft? If they add monster how it work? For limites time? How offten they do add?

  5. Watching this in 2021. And yeah, it's painful to watch as a vet of the series. I keep yelling at my computer monitor. But then, when I first played the original Monster Hunter I was probably just as bad too. After years of playing the original game, then playing the hell out of MH Freedom Unite and MH4U before World launched, I went into the game with my muscle memory refreshed and knowing what I was doing. Just had to learn the mechanics unique to World. So yeah, while this is painful to watch… it's also nifty to see someone taking those first steps on their Hunter journey.

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