State Of Decay 2 – Choose Your Friends Wisely – Gamescom 2017

At Gamescom 2017, we hear about the upcoming State of Decay 2, and what you can expect from this zombie survival game’s multiplayer.

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  1. the only things this game needs in my opinion is the ability to Customize your own survivor, possibly merge of community's or form an alliance with other community's that opens up trade of supplies and extra protection from less friendly groups if need be.. also the ability to take over other players camps and community.. in a real zombie apocalypse it's not going to be all peaches the whole way thru. It's always someone or a group of ppl that need what you may have or just out for themselves. honestly that would hands down make this the best zombie game ever without debate it has all the elements zombie fans look for minus a few things. overall looks really good.

  2. I just hope they fixed that game plays on even when your pc is off . . .got sick and tired of missing of favorite chs just because zombie nest on entire map effect survivors mental state

  3. ho

    a mmo ?



    thank you 😉



    NO, and you know what ? we have a LOT of games on PC 😉 and i don't waste my time with a fucking mmo !!!

    too bad….state of decay 1 is good…..

  4. I love survival games, spended almost 2000 hours on 7 Days to Die and a few hunderd hours on State of Decay 1. But I just dont understand the hype for this game.. Sure the first State of Decay was a good game, but there is just so little known about this 2nd game which is going to be released in a few days. Untill a few weeks ago we knew nuthing, only what IGN in association with the Marketing team wanted to show. And even most of the things they prommised about the game are already proven to be lies. For example there is no "basebuilding".. Sure you can claim a area but thats not "building" a base, also everything on "designing/editing" your base is done via menu screens.. The other big selling point the "communitie" building is also done via menuscreens.. So it seems like you'll be stairing allot at menu screen while "playing" this game, it seems like the only ingame thing you do is looting. Even the missions are just tasks where you have to loot specific kind of items.. So again the only thing you do I looting..?

    Maybe fun for a few hours but it seems like a boring concept if you ask me. Also the lack of critical reviews is always a warning sign if you ask me. Every (overly positive) review out there atm is based on a 30 or 40 minute gameplay max. I can't be the only one that things this whole unbased hype is worrying, right..? Or have we already forgotten No Mans Sky?

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