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Sledgehammer On Leaving Advanced Warfare Behind For Call Of Duty: WWII

While visiting the studio, Game Informer spoke with Sledgehammer Games’ studio heads Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield about the team’s big shift away from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and back to the past with Call of Duty: WWII.

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  1. Not hating on it but I tried the beta and was super looking forward to it but I just don't like it. I loved that it was going back to its roots and away from the futuristic crap. But the gameplay is slower than I anticipated it. Maps are even smaller than ever. You can tell they are trying to make it a little more tactical but that just isn't COD. If I want some tactical more realistic gameplay then I'll play battlefield which I do. I play cod for the rapid quick firing gameplay and racking up easy kills. Oh well, here's hoping zombies is kick ass.

  2. Just look, you're all sitting here complaining about the franchise, yet these two have nice, expensive watches in every clip. Yall niggas on the wrong side lmao.

  3. how can they be proud of what they do for the fans when we have been ignored for so long? ill say it again no more supply drops!!! bad money whores bad!!!

  4. All I can say about Advanced Warfare is The CAMPAIGN WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD !!!! But M.P was Ruined BY SKILL BASED MATCH MAKING. I did have fun here and there but it fel like a Chore to play M>P

  5. The first two Modern Warfare games were actually good after the departure from the WWII setting, but Call of Duty went completely and literally to shit when they started with the futuristic garbage, and it became another Halo or Destiny crap which already had to many games in this settings, probably idiot kids were the ones loving the whole jumping around in their florescent pick gay camo bs, I'm glad the game is coming back to what made it great in the first place. As much as I liked Call of Duty 4 modern warfare, it never really beat the WWII settings for me, with it's era weapons and locations, that's why I stopped playing CoD, but I'm sure happy to come back now, I hope they are finally done with the futuristic crap and we finally start getting some good shooter games.
    Like I mentioned somewhere else…For a jet pack stuck in the ass, gay pink/purple camouflage and garbage pew pew guns, people will have Destiny 2 already, no need for more shit…

  6. Details? Like black female Nazi soldiers? I imagine it would be special to work on the game that finally killed the COD franchise. It may sound like I want that to happen but I don't. Activision, however, has been actively killing this franchise for a decade now. Thanks to them, when it's done, it will be completely over for COD.

  7. They fucking ruined ww2 it takes too many hit markers to kill someone. And it doesnt feel like a WW2 game to me. They fucked it up. Advanced Warfare was awful as well. Treyarch and infinity ward can make better call of duty games. Call of duty: World at War was better than this shit. Bring back weapon attachments and perks. The russians used dogs to blow up tanks that couldve been a killstreak after I got 3 kills in a row like the RC car. You fuckups. I dont care if its the same shit, it worked for me. Sledgehammer, dont make anymore Call of duty games. You ruined something that could've been better. You fucking corporate asshat greedy motherfuckers. I really wanted to this game to be good. They needed to watch more ww2 documentaries to make this game seem more accurate. Give us a more historical overview of the weapons, BF1 did it, why couldnt you guys. I dont want to rant anymore, just thought this game could've been better.

  8. seriously guys, is nobody going to tell fucking donald duck and goofy their games are dumb, broken and annoying as fuck? why are people so fake now and suck balls promoting broken fuckery?

  9. i genuinely hope Advanced Warfare 2 is something we can get, it was my favorite CoD of all time, and out of the 3 futuristic CoDs this was the best one

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