Moons Of Madness – Exclusive Trailer

Take a look at this exclusive trailer for Moons of Madness.

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  1. I was mildly interested until I saw this trailer. I HATE these generic voices. I can't stomach any more annoyingly panting and growling americans that all try to sound like the same generic actor man.
    And if that isn't bad enough, the trailer has to go ahead and ruin itself with obnoxious flicker effects and cheap jump scares.

    NOT interested.

  2. So basically it's a game based on the dementia caused by the markers from deadspace, minus the necromorphs and maybe even the markers? I mean that's what it looked like. It looked a lot like the dementia scenes in dead space but without any of the other cool and creepy shit. Early trailer i suppose, maybe they'll show us more to flesh it out further later, but currently it does not seem very interesting.

  3. Dev 1: Man, you know what's better than Cthulhu rising up from deep within the ocean depth?
    Dev 2: (inhale blunt) Wha? Nah, man. I don't know. Here, your turn.
    Dev 1: (takes the blunt and puff one out) …..Cthulhu rising from desert planet, like, like Mars, man.
    Dev 2: Woah, man…
    Dev 1: Woah…

  4. Interesting Concept…
    Nice Graphics…
    Looks like its going to be a good game…
    Getting into it…
    silly music plays

    And I'm thrust out of the experience.

  5. Sadly a few scenes in the Trailer are not included in the Game (PS 4 Version) and there are a some Framedrops in a few spots.
    But the Game is great anyway !

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