Mastering Vehicle Switching In The Crew 2 Co-op Gameplay

The Crew 2 co-op pits players against their friends in formula one street races, stunt piloting, motocross, drifting, and track racing.

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  1. It looks like it would get boring after a while, might as well just play gta since when you are done with driving you can do other things.

  2. Well they've made the crew 2 even more gimmicky than than the first one after it's 2 dlc packs while not bothering to remove the awful crash-out cutscenes which totally break momentum, still haven't bothered with any sort of vehicle damage on player or npc cars, traffic is still minimal at best, and I'm willing to bet there's still no way to fall off a motorcycle. Shame on Ubisoft.

  3. This is the game these guys have wanted to make ever since TDU2, good thing is, it sounds like the music has gotten a massive upgrade since the first game

  4. For The Crew 2, I have the latest version, where the Ground, Air, and Water icons are different (they now look like a Car, a plane, and a boat). If you all want to throw your camera off from following your plane (i.e. doing rolls) then press C from the first camera set, you will notice that it zooms out a little.

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