Mastering the Splat Brella – Inkonomics Lesson 5

Splatoon 2’s newest weapon type, the Splat Brella, has arrived in-game, and Joey is here to teach you how to use the hybrid shotgun/shield.

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  1. The umbrella protects against bombs, splatdown,two inkjet shots,stingray for one second,the ballers explosion,full charger shot,dynamo roller swing, basically allmost anything

  2. i belive teaming up with a aerospray or something that is quick with shooting first you make a nice way to go trough your ink with your mate enemy you shoot them once and you mate finishes. i mean you do 75 – 90 DAMAGE!

  3. Personally i just use this thing as a shotgun. It feels like a shogun, it has spread like a shotgun. And it kills like a shotgun. Need i say more, ya filthy casuals?

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