Madden NFL 18 Review

Is this year’s Madden Football game one to skip over or is it an absolute touchdown of a game? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. Lol still don't understand why they keep leaving out the damn cheerleaders, I know madden is a man's game but AT LEAST bring back the cheerleaders and put them at each field goal post dancing and cheering on…maybe even throw in the mascots for each team…

    Also if it's rainy weather it should rain on and off during the game same as with the snow=Random weather within the game.

    Although the game looks good it also looks like another $60 for a update version and format of last year's game and the year before.
    Wish Madden had a competitor, we should at least have another NFL game to choose from instead of Madden every year, because chances are the other NFL game would touch on A LOT of game play that madden continues to leave out every year and this is what would make the game stand out to make people buy.

    Madden needs a competitor and WE need more NFL games to choose from every year!

  2. u either dont play madden lot..or ur being paid to say this..sounds like ur reading a script..probably EA wrote for do u guys think..this guy is a joke..a 9

  3. Honestly I was hoping I could make my own player and get drafted and shit like NBA 2k. The career mode on that is amazing! I was hoping that's what I was gonna get but instead I play through the life of some other dude.

    1. Hits that make the helmet come off

    2. Injuries that bring out the stretchers, have white stars going around the helmet of those that get rocked by big hits…let them lay there for a few, CPU should choose if a serious injury has occurred.

    3.Bring the Cheerleaders back, set them by each Field goal post dancing and cheering their team on.

    4. Bring Mascots into the game, place them also around the field goal post cheering their team on..put personality into cheerleaders and mascots so they don't do the same dances over&over again.

    5. Random weather, let it rain or snow on and off during the course of the game. If its rainy or snowy

    6. More details to the sidelines… players, coach's, Gatorade tables + 1st down markers & referees should all be able to be knocked down if players on the field are pushed or hit while running out of bounds.

    7. Stadium : why not add REAL crowd emotions and cheers from live NFL Games (random not the same emotions over&over each game), the fans should be more involved in the game, if a team is loosing by a few touchdowns in the 4th quarter there should be more empty seats with fans being shown walking out.

    8. Instant replays on : offense & defensive penalties, including injuries… Perhaps even better instant replays, plus all the penalties that are not in madden should be randomly called like unsportsmanlike conduct, late hits, and everything else.

    Like if you agree 🙂

  5. Ultimate team is broken. Any hitstick is a fumble but ultimate is also fun especially mut squad. Actual gameplay isn’t realistic and lacks replay ability. They should street football like they did on long shot . Add other stuff to do like big heads vs small heads . Anything like that. I can go on and on but madden will never be higher than 6 out of 10.

  6. What the fuck do people expect from a football game lmao? The sport hasn't changed in dozens of years, do you want fire breathing dragons flying overhead murdering the players as you run down the fi

  7. Decided to give Madden another shot after a long hiatus….serioudly deciding to return it and get something much, much better. I don't care about Wade's campaign mode nor the card game. All we care about is the game of football. Really disappointed with this franchise. Gonna give it another shot, but I'll be returning this game in for something better…either PES or something

  8. Madden 18 is absolute trash! Many times when I play online my QB's passes are delayed resulting in INTs. I am going to take my copy back and get a refund. I played against a guy who used Adrian Peterson and I had a clear path to tackle him and magically his offensive lineman blocked me without moving. This game has too many animations programmed into it and you don't have any control over your players! These people who review this game are being paid off by EA sports. This game is trash!

  9. Do the people who make this game ever play it do they watch football have they ever played football year after year you guys put dogshit out I really wish you would give up the NFL contract so you could have some competition that way you be under some actual pressure to make a good game

  10. So let me get this straight how can it be the best when the defense cant do anything most of the time unless you want to run the same blitz play over and over. Also 90 percent of the time the o line will not block 4 u.

  11. We'd like a simulation football game that makes it feel like we're actually playing football with our favorite players… we expect gameplay improvements, a growing importance of player stats and gameplay physics as opposed to more animations and unimproved A.I. We understand the fact that the game of football is going to be relatively the same year to year, so no, we're not expecting fire breathing dragons. We'd like to see defensive backs not just stand around and watch a play being made right next them, we'd like to see A.I pick up a fumble without having to be sucked into an animation with 3 or 4 other players around which effectively gives the ball to the opposing player, we'd like to see less morphing of computer players to give an unfair advantage to one player over another. We just want to play a football game that is challenging for the right reasons and provides a better glimpse into how it really is on a football field. This review is terrible and just addresses 2 aspects of the game which loyal madden fans dont give a shit about. Fucking hate EA.

  12. This game is fucking horrible. Logshot is fucking stupid, bring back MyPlayer. The AI running somehow got even worse. They juke at fucking air, often directly into a defenders arms. There needs to be competition in this genre, EA is too fucking complacent since they have the sole rights to nfl football. Fuck EA even more, i hope they go fucking bankrupt.

  13. they need to bring a few things from the older versions that made the game really dope. such as the intro to the game with random real life players saying" EA sports. it's in the game" and create a team. create a team should feature TONS AND TONS of different uniforms customizations and symbols and if you want to sub in specific team(s) u have to sub out real NFL teams. should I just apply for ea sports this is a good idea in my most humble opinion lol. like if you agree

  14. Are you freaking kidding me madden 18? Atlanta Falcons are not in the NFC East. Look up the real stats before you make aNother dumb comment. The falcons are in the nfc south. The Cowboys Eagles Redskins and Giants are in the NFC East, duhhhh. ??‍♂️

  15. This is pretty much where it started its rapid downward descent to the unplayable drek that it has become now. There truly are no words for how bad this is, or for stuff like this which lets it off the hook for being as bad as it is.

    Franchise Mode is light years behind what this was never mind a console ago, TWO CONSOLES AGO. No Restricted Free Agency, no open relocation or for that matter detailed relocation, no Training Camp drills at the start of preseason to improve your players, no Senior Bowl, no real Scouting to unlock full reports on the rookies, no Coaching Trees.

    Just a glorified Season Mode that somehow is worse than what we had from M25-17. Gameplay is pretty sad and that's before we even touch how much worse Frostbite made this.

    Your '9' and my '9' are hilariously different entirely.

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