How To Become A Salmon Run Profreshional – Inkonomics Lesson Four

Joey is back with another Inkonomics lesson, and he’s here to teach you all about Splatoon 2’s co-op mode, Salmon Run.

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  1. to make your life easier, hit the stinger or the one that has pans holding it up. hit the most easist pan to reach or the middle, Hitting the middle will get rid of the top pans

  2. I really freaking hate chargers

    Also what do I do when I don’t have the splash down and I’m surrounded

  3. Actually guarding the eggs is horrible. I know this with experience. Trust me. We always never win because we need one more egg and if that person guarding the eggs delivered it we would have won. This happens many times to me

  4. Pro-tip: The stingray is probably the best special to use in Salmon run. Perhaps only for the fact that it can literally kill any boss without waiting for the Flyfish to open, the Steelhead to charge, the Scrapper to rotate, the Steel Eel to get turned around, to get close to the Stinger, or the Drizzler to flip over.

    The one and only exception could be the Maws, which is the easiest boss to take down, by Splat bomb, people… Don't just try to shoot them when the snap at you or your teammates.

    Drizzlers are your worst nightmare. Please return the bubbles to them. They're like Ghasts in Minecraft.

  5. I'm terrible at the game, I stopped playing multiplayer because the game is no fun when you just are splatted over and over
    Nobody will see this comment, but I don't care

  6. Once I died and still had a Golden Egg and we just needed 1 more to win but 12 Seconds left! None of them helped me so we lost the second round

  7. Some things you missed:
    Roller melee is broken and clears lesser Salmonids FAST. Same with Splatlings.
    On retreat, leave a bomb behind as you go to put an egg away.
    Steelheads create a massive explosion when they die. Use this to clear out a swarm.
    Most dualies can kill Drizzlers before it fires two missiles, high mobility allows you to take care of Flyfries, Steel Eels, Scrappers, and Maws quicker than other weapons.
    Chargers slaughter Steelheads, Steel Eels, Scrappers, and can take out Drizzlers from far off. Very good against Mothership.
    Stingers don't hold a candle against blasters. Knowing that you have the fastest kill against them as a blaster, especially prioritize those.
    If you still have your charge, use up your special weapon in the third round. Don't waste it.
    Flyfries are broken, so never miss an opportunity to lob a bomb at one. If you are with another teammate gearing to take down one of these fish devils, make sure you don't chuck two bombs into the same rocket launcher by throwing your bomb at the launcher nearest to you (e.g. If you are on the left, throw your bomb at the left launcher.) If your teammate can deal with it on their own, you don't need to help. While there's never a kill quite like overkill, don't throw bombs when your teammate already is. They're too ink-costly.

  8. Hello! I am 500+ In salmon run, a tip you did not say is that when your the only person use your special to save your inklings! and the last tip is ALWAYS Put gold eggs in basket if needed (Of course needed!

  9. Tip:

    If you're on Salmonid Smokeyard,ink the propeller platform on the Opposite side (use a bomb if you're short range) to get across without falling of the stage

  10. This guide's got helpful basic info for beginners, but 2:12 is a definite no-no. Especially in high job titles like profreshional, where the constant stream of bosses provides a reliable source of golden eggs. Guarding eggs means less people available to slay bosses; only stop snatchers if you happen to pass by one. Instead, what should be done with any boss besides flyfish and stingers is bringing them as close to the egg basket as possible. The freelancers you meet will make this harder to accomplish since all players would have to keep their distance from the salmon. But even just luring maws and scrappers next to the basket will be extremely helpful.

  11. Pro tip (This only works on Ruins of ark Polaris) if there are glowflies hop on the grind rail near the basket and keep going because the won't be able to hit you

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