Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Review

Is Hellblade another generic action game or is it a cut above the rest? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. Just finished this game and it’s amazing.. really well done.. only complaint are those stupid same puzzles over n over get extremely annoying

  2. Damn you guys…you need to complain about everything? the game is fucking unreal…i bet you are ready for another FPS…you fucking losers. This game is a masterpiece, and makes you think also…not that I don't enjoy casual gaming…this is what I think when people say videogames are art. I hope this studio keeps making games like this.

  3. Ok I finished Hellblade yesterday it took me 2 day’s to finish roughly 6-7 hours in total and although I think the setting is great the overall tension and suspense is exhilarating but that last boss battle compared to the other 3 boss battles was cheap and sooo underwhelming like the feeling I got when I first saw Valraven was the same oh shit I felt when I first seen a dragon priest like the boss fight are on the same level as god of wars the build up to the first 2 bosses were great but them damn rune doors yuck I felt like the build up to the 3rd boss was meh and them damn trials were crap like totally could of left them on the cutting room floor it ruined the pacing for me and after FFVII finished installing I didn’t really feel like returning to Hellblade the sheer fact that I’m trying clear the backlog of game’s I have is the only reason I did but everything else sound design world layouts and character design was mint it just failed in gameplay execution for me

  4. Playing this in 4K on a PS4 Pro with the 60htz option on…I also am someone with a lot of mental illnesses. Technically legally insane, lol. Anyway, this game is truly amazing! I can’t believe I slept on it. I will buy the second on day 1! The story is already so engaging, the graphics as great or greater than God of War which is one of the benchmarks for me. I don’t know how they did this with 20 people, but it’s amazing. Please support this game! 9.5112349 out of 10

  5. This is an amazing videogame. One of its kind. And Melina is lovely. I recommend it without a doubt for the emotional journey, graphics, nordic mythology… Don't expect great action battles, though the combat system isn't that bad. But it's still a psychological experience, not just action. Thanks.

  6. to be honest, at first i started to hate this game because of too many puzzles!
    i mean puzzle after puzzle, it never lets u rest!
    but i decided to give it some time and patience!
    guess what, i fucking loved the game so much, i want to play it again XD


  7. Good game but its let down by the constant repetitive puzzling of finding matching patterns in your near surroundings. Can be frustrating but all in all the game is pretty impressive. Its pretty short to clocking about 9 hours. A solid 8/10

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