Don’t Fully Trust The Blade of Galadriel in Shadow of War Gameplay

Tension mounts as Talion works with an assassin whose motives are unknown in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

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  1. Was looking forward to this one, but since you decided to ** me over before the game is even released, I'm not buying. I'm not supporting micro transactions in my single player games. Period.

  2. It's funny seeing how the Microtransactions change opinions of people in EVERY aspect of the game. So many were hyped and happy to see the promising sequel to the great Shadow of Mordor, but once the studio is forced(probably)by its publisher to implement MT, which might not affect the gameplay at all, everyone starts bashing the graphics, cancelling preorders, getting the torches and jumping on the bandwagon.

    They've made a worthy sequel to their amazing previous work, and so many are ready to shit over it simply because it has an element that is pretty much mandatory for every product made by a corporation. If you're so disgusted by modern business practices, download a trainer, turn off the net, and play the game bypassing the currency-gathering element. That would make it too easy for the try-hards though, providing other excuses to whine.

  3. Those orcs. really dont care about him running around grabbing their comrades….seems they dont really react unless he directly bumps into them

  4. This game is so good! Fuck anyone who bitched. Play the fucking game you haters, so you can slap yourself for being so fucking stupid. Also, MIT is completely optional and actually has a helpful purpose. Not to mention, you gain gold by playing the game, so you don't have to spend a dime of real money.

  5. Paid $100 for Gold edition. Still has micro transactions. They suck for doing this. Greed. The first game was perfect for me, why do this? You already ripped out about 4 campaigns and storylines that ppl who didn’t pay $100 would get? I took them off Twitter because they tweet the whole game. There’s a tweet like every 5 minutes.

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