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Designing Call Of Duty: WWII’s Campaign And Set Pieces

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Sledgehammer Games’ studio heads Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield talk about the secret ingredients to designing a great Call of Duty campaign and how real history has helped informed the game’s action…

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  1. Full of shit…hearing a woman's voice screaming as she burns alive is bullshit…black women fighting? Bullshit…Tommyguns with round clips? Bullshit…epic bullshit

  2. Really enjoying the Beta. really hope the Stg.44 gets a buff for the main game. Also, I'm bothered by the omission of things like the Swastika and the inclusion of demographics that were not a major part of the frontlines of WWII, aside from Hispanics who were the only ones allowed to integrate with Whites (Weird times, I know). However, it did not affect the gameplay in anyway, and I got to say it's looking EXCELLENT thus far. Edit: Also, why the inclusion of Japanese and Soviet weaponry? Or even suppressors for that matter?

  3. If SHG want this game to be legendary they need to add in OP killstreaks. All the best COD games had OP killstreaks, like MW2, BO1, especially the chopper gunner and attack dogs, MW3, BO2. all those games are the best COD games IMO and they all have OP killstreaks!

  4. So they are calling it an 'offering' now? Why the fuck did they make it sound like they are doing us a huge favor by making this game? The word 'offering' is also used extensively in Destiny 2's marketing. Activision is pulling its bullshit again.

  5. The part about the setpieces really disturbs me, because they're talking about events where hundreds of young men lost their lives and how "cool" they are. I know I'm not a veteran, but I don't believe that would be very respectful to one. I believe that if they do put an event in the game such as Omaha Beach, they should treat it with a certain respect by making it as realistic as they can like Saving Private Ryan instead of making it as "cool" as possible. This is a big reason why I'm not getting this year's CoD. They're not treating the setting with respect, and only using it to create "epic and awesome" scripted setpieces that every other Call of Duty has. The setting doesn't change anything, and their comment about the set pieces in the campaign during this video should really show that.

  6. The first COD campaign that hyped us after years and you have no E3 Demo for us… that's annoyinhg. Just MP, MP, MP and more boring MP on a campaign based game. Totally unatural for the game you develop.

  7. Who feels like they should make a map as big as battlefield and with more players…. Talk about how they want to make u "experience the ww2"

  8. Makes me sad because they seem super invested/proud of their game but the multiplayer beta has been mediocre at best :/ hopefully the campaign is good though

  9. I love how people just look at these rendered trailers and 5 minute beta clips and their first thought is "battlefield is better" that's their logic lmao a game that's been out for almost a year is better than a game that's not even been released yet. Doesn't matter, those kind of people will put the most time into the game?

  10. Haven’t seen any actual gameplay that usually means it’s shit. BF1, R6, and Star Wars fooled me but now I’m wise no pre ordering games ever in life again. ? developers

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