Are Console Cheat Codes Back? Testing The Hyperkin SaveWizard for PS4 on Persona 5

The SaveWizard by Hyperkin brings back the days of the GameShark and GameGenie for over 100 PS4 games, but do these cheat codes actually work on your PlayStation games? Michael Higham checks them out on one his favorite games: Persona 5.

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  1. why do you need to cheat an jrpg? Its really easy to level up from level 1-40 in a few hours in the right spot…
    people who have to cheat ruin the game's fun and if done online then other people's gaming experience. i hope if you do cheat, you keep it offline and dont bother others with it.

  2. 60$ USD for 4% of the function a 0$ cheat engine table can do.

    60$ to be forced to choose between all or nothing,

    free to finely tweak your game to enable anything between extremely moderate cheating (or farm skipping) to ludicrous cheating with Ce.

    man. console sure has it tough.

  3. Anyone get this working for Persona 5 Royal? I farmed like 9+ hours in Mementos for yen and I don't feel like doing it all over again for Royal.

  4. This will be so helpful for my switch from p5 to p5R. I had played through the game 1.75 times, and I want to just get to the point on p5R instead of playing through it a full time just to have satanael

  5. I found no need to mod persona I just fought the reaper 5 times and was already a a max level and all I did was max out my item pickup from Jose so everything I picked up I got like 15 items so I made millions of yen

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