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An Exclusive Look At Pokémon’s Early Design Documents

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda unearths never-before-seen documents to show how the team created Pokémon Red, Black and White, and even sketches from Sun and Moon’s development. If you enjoy the video, please share it with a friend!

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  1. Pokemon Red, Green, Gold and Silver ALL in Assembly? With just 2 mb? Wow, just wow. I coded in Asembly and can asure you that it's a pain in the ass. My respect and congrats to the group of programmers of GameFreak.

  2. So that was a huge waist of time… calling this video "early design documents", with a thumbnail of artwork, is very misleading since there is pretty much no design in this video, but 99% programming.

  3. I am getting chills at this man explaining how he used math and engineering to create a world, he is literally an ARCEUS!

  4. The sine wave reversal trick explanation is cool, back when developers had to squeeze every last bit of performance and space they could out of a system. The limitations of games past is what made them good. Modern games are trash and the developers are just children with scripts compared to these legends.

  5. I never ceases to amaze me how readily Japanese game devs are/were to just toss out data and documents for old games even if they were massive successes. Only recently are they really noticing that archiving this stuff is good for not only fans but their business in the future as well for things like re-releases, remasters, or remakes.

    Nintendo, Square Enix, Capcom, Namco and more, all have stories about how they just straight up did not bother to take care of/keep track of some of the things that went into making some of their most successful titles.

  6. ahh i want to see more stuff from masuda's b/w diary…. ;_; i absorb early concept stuff like a SPONGE its so interesting

  7. Ok about this video, I can't like it. Game disigners are contemporaneous artists. A mix of engineering, art and technology. So charming and interesting.

  8. Pokemon Red, Yellow and many of the earlier 'color' ones have solid gameplay mechanics that make it very enjoyable.
    Its super disappointing that Pokemon Go doesn't even scratch the surface of what could have been, had GameFreak made it.
    – No leveling, except through purchased "CP" points – also no narrative explanation makes sense in the Pokemon universe for why CP is now neccessary
    – No offline play, everything is based on locations, tapping and super shallow mechanics with little reward
    – Gyms are no longer a true test of your training ability, just a 'perch' mechanic
    – Pokemon no longer need to be caught with strategy, just throw a ball – completely destroying that fun element of the Pokemon universe
    – Collecting Pokemon is no longer fun, as catching them is so exceedingly easy that a player with 0 hrs invested can catch something that shouldn't be available past a certain point of the game
    – No story whatsoever, to tie gameplay mechanics in a neat narrative
    – No sense of progression, challenge, or tension
    – Gambling aspects for children – Pay to Play/Pay to Win mechanics – also almost no warnings to parents about the game and GPS location tracking (given Pokemon on GBA did have gambling aspects as well, my emphasis is on the shallow gameplay-design around gambling as core mechanic)

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