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90 Minutes Of Destiny 2's New European Dead Zone Gameplay (No Commentary)

We check out Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone, engaging in adventures and public events throughout the new map.

Click here for Destiny 2 gameplay with discussion from Game Informer editors:

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  1. People on here getting mad on how he or she plays lol, chill out not everyone plays like you. I swear destiny fanbase is fucking toxic. I'm having doubts about this game solely cause these "mission's" are so pointless in D1 collect 10 shards collect 5 whatever from cabal but then it's like okay now what? What do these things I collect do. I hope they fix that. Side mission's or these little errand where pointless in D1. I'm also having doubts because of the fanbase. Toxic kids who do NOT need to be playing this. How are they toxic you ask? Look at the comments. I guess I'll wait until next week.

  2. There are plenty of people who actually know how to play this game and you throw this player into the edz? Total dunce.

  3. Are you blind with only 1 hand? I can't think of any other reason for your horrible aim. You are bad at this FPS thing. Now, let's discuss your fucking stupidity. You set the ambush and then you stayed at the top of the path, making the abush totally useless! You're supposed to lure them down THROUGH the traps. Dumbass.

  4. No sliding no super opens the map every 10 seconds walks like a snail turns awkwardly can't shoot or switch weapons people are gonna what this and say damn this gamr looks so bad

  5. It's d2 content that i shouldn't watch yet (pc).. but oh my this was quite painful to watch, sorry.
    (Halfway in, wondering if i shuld keep watching)

  6. Hello G.I. So I got this magazine from you that says you gave Destiny 2 a 9 rating… Now I know for a fact that your ratings are MEANINGLESS and PANDERING and shouldn't be trusted. Have a great day.

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