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24 Minutes Of Assassin's Creed Origins Gameplay (No Commentary)

The first year in recent memory without an Assassin’s Creed game has nearly come to a close. Check out this gameplay for new missions, loot, and combat.

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  1. What is it with gamplay demos, in AC Origins and Shadow of War, the gameplay looks like it is done by someone who has never played the game. I know the game is on an XBOX but even a PS4 gamer or PC gamer would have done a better job at mastering these controls.
    And insted of showing the new combat system, without the prompts, they just keep on running away. Give the game to a gamer on Youtube and let them play it.

  2. Seriously, the fact that people are ALREADY saying that it looks shit. Tell that to the game creator's, who have taken literally a year and a half to create this. You haven't played this, and glitches are bound to happen. If you want to see a game with "unrealistic graphics" go play Minecraft. And if you dont like the game, don't buy it. Rant over.

  3. Are you hurt? Did they mistreat you?

    Wait aren't you the same ladies that had your brother's finger in a box? And you ask these stupid questions?

    Bad writings…here we go again.

  4. HEY Ash can Bayek Add Kicks to his Fighting Style Flying Kick Moves One kick /Two Kick Combos The Use Kick Moves Also Rage Kicks Move thats What Bayek is Missing Pls Pls Pls Bayek needs to Kick his Way out of Battle of Needed Add The Medjay Kicks

  5. In my mind the games setting looks beautiful they really outdid themselves with the graphics…the race thing that literally everyone is bitching about in the chat I don't really care about since i know jack shit about ancient Egypt but…the combat looks like it's something straight outta dark souls….i believe the developers reasoning for this is so you can't go around 1v20 niggas left and right but honestly all they had to do to stop that is just increase the stealth factor of the game and make it so you can fight some small hoards of enemies but half like a adrenaline meter (kind of like metal gear) that extends over time that when filled your character is fucking up because of how stressed he is…that's just my opinion and can we use the hidden blade as a fighting weapon in this??? I haven't seen it and the guy playing in the vid is just ass at the game so I just skipped through it

  6. The fact that they got rid of that wonky camera work where it moves as you walk to make it seem/feel like youre walking irl makes me so so happy. It gave me hella motion sickness with Black Flag so I couldn't play it. This is going to be great!

  7. what happened to the historical accuracy? these characters sound like southern africans and the skin colour of these characters is also incorrect they should look a swarthy colour closer to Greek then anything else. I was excited about this game but as an Egyptian i cant buy it. its almost the same as if you took Etzio Auditore and made him asian with a native american accent. Ubisoft if your reading this you 100% shit the bed on this one

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