Warframe – The Sacrifice Teaser Trailer

All miracles require sacrifice…

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  1. It's super cool to see how far Warframe has come since it originally came out. All of this new content has me wanting to jump back in! How many of you are still playing?

  2. Im here after playing the quest…and it was AWSOME! When Ballas said "But all miracles require sacrifice" in the quest, I immediately thought of this trailer and had chills running down my spine

  3. since the new update sacrificed everything good about the way of the sword (melee)………………………………

  4. I watched this when I first got warframe, never understood much about it apart from a warframe standing in some sort of orokin rubble, now that I'm about to unlock this quest I can piece it all together, Excalibur Umbra is standing in a collapsing Lua.

  5. I remember this chick came out a long time ago I'm bro oh my God her wait for like five years to get swear to God I were talking about it I was like what the fuc really is and I was like happy I got an umbrella two years ago it was so intense Phan was talking s*** about it they want like like now you mad at you like me I love this guy know but it came out like crazy Umbra penumbra is like a whole different concept you know how you don't have a lot of work and then Excalibur example Excalibur is compared to planets golfer now I'm boys like the moon but that's a rare wolf when there is no other word for him as name like example ombres oh why did I just know because there's old one and Oberon Prime Dodge Viper f*** what makes Excalibur so f**** like dope

  6. Anyone remember when before Umbra's release people theorized that the term "Sacrifice" meant that we would have to sacrifice something, namely Operator mode, in exchange to obtain Umbra and not simply a reference to Umbra's lore?

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