Super Mario Odyssey: How To Find All The Musicians In New Donk City

Put the band back together in New Donk City and you’ll be rewarded with a Moon. Here’s where all the members are hiding.

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  1. I have super Mario Odyssey & to be quite honest it is not a bad game at all you all are judging by looks of the game once you actually play it you may like it. Give the game a chance before looking and saying “it looks like the worst game ever”.

  2. How do you get that rocket ship??? I got a star from a piece of junk some dude was feeling sorry for… .-.

  3. Pretty dumb video title, this isn't how to find all the musicians, its raw footage of you just looking for them while talking to your friend.

  4. Shortcut for the trumpet man
    U can go to New donk cit yhall rooftop do a cap throw land it and do another dive and u can go to him easily

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