Splatoon 2 Review

Does Splatoon 2 paint a beautiful picture or is it about as fun as watching paint dry? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. This is a great game, so much fun had already and only done the turf war. I actually like the fact there's no voice chat who wants a fat 10 year old kid with diabetes screeching obscenities through their speakers?

  2. I've never played an online shooter before I am very much a harvest moon and Pokemon fan girl Co-op multiplayer those just never appealed to me but I love Splatoon 2 it's cute it's quirky wish there were more customization options for your hair but that aside it's a really good game to try if you've never tried Shooters before.

  3. I know this video was posted a year ago, but I have one thing to say.
    I know how you say that splatoon lacks voice chat, but that’s because splatoon isn’t that kind of game. Nintendo doesn’t want it to turn into a Call of Duty game. Plus, do you want to hear annoying people while trying to play an innocent game because they are losing? And with league, your with your friends so you can contact them and talk of whatever platform works best. I do agree with Nintendo Switch online isn’t the greatest idea but.. I’m not sure what Nintendo would of done with that problem.

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