Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review

One of the best Final Fantasies finally gets the enhanced remaster treatment it rightfully deserves.

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  1. The director of FFTactics, and Vagrant Story directed this game.

    He left due to an ulcer or a nervous breakdown. Never went back to work for Square full time. It shows.

  2. I am so much delighted with both this game and the Final Fantasy XV. After that terrible and boring FFXIII, it's really good to play good FF titles again.

  3. While I'm absolutely thrilled that this will be released on Xbox, I'm not quite sure about the price. It's as expensive as a new game, which is quite a lot for an HD Remaster. I just hope my money is spent on the VII remake.

  4. I never beat this game, yet i adored the combat, i was a massive fan of Tactics, which is set in the same world… i loved the world and how they made it feel like an offline MMORPG. At the time this came out i was utterly addicted to EverQuest Online Adventures on PS2, which is likely why i never beat the game XD then life just… went on like it always does. Now i'm taking the opportunity to go back, i already know it plays very well, but now it looks incredible and it has added goodies!? I'll take 1 ticket to Ivalice please!

  5. Yup, im one of those who decided to finally play it through and through after deciding not to. Huge FF fan in general but 12 sort of didnt apeal to me back then. And boy am i glad i played this Zodiac version. The game is great and all but man oh man some dungeons are just tidious as hell EVEN at 4x the speed. It would have been hell back in the day without the xspeed option (Ridorana Cataract i mean jesus christ really)

  6. Hi guys do you think it is advisable for me to play final fantasy 12. I mean i've never played or touched any FF game before and I plan on makin FF12 my first. Thanks for whoever will answer

  7. FFXII will always hold a special place in my heart for it is the Very First Final Fantasy that I've ever finished, and man what a satisfying ending it was for me ?✨

  8. Sweet holy Chocobo! This is like a brand new game running on the ps5 and that war intro? Good gravy it's super smooth ? I'm in love all over again even in 2021 it's still a phenomenal game, 13 seriously needs the ps5 treatment!

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