Doomfist – Overwatch Hero Guide

Overwatch’s most anticipated hero, Doomfist, punches his way into the game! Joey is here to give you all a rundown of his melee-focused abilities, as well as strategies to help you pummel your enemies into dust.

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  1. I can't really pinpoint where Doomfist is actually efficient. Played a few matches and seen a few others play him and he's not very useful as I've seen. Could just be on my end though.

  2. If only he had a charge reset
    So he won't be fucked when he used all his abilities :3 well… I haven't tried him out yet so I can't really judge now can i

  3. Its hard as hell to get the chance to play him at the mo, but when you do he is insanely squishy unless you can pull off a combo before you get wasted.

  4. Everyone on a console I recommend going into your settings and swapping your primary fire and secondary fire for Doomfist. It's very confusing having to punch with your right hand using the left trigger and shooting with your left hand using your right trigger. Also it makes playing Doomfist so much more comfortable and easy to use.

  5. Doomfist fans before he came to console,"Stop nerfing him before you make him useless!" after Doomfist comes out on console,"Doomfist is way too op. Nerf him"

  6. Dude I played with a zarya main in comp and used both ultimates to get a fucking quintuple kill. I'm thinking I'm a pro doomfist when In reality I'm shit at him

  7. i taught doomfist was gonna be defense on release beacause i taught thre was a pattern ana support supports ar on the right side of the hero select and the sombra came in she was offense offense heroes was on the left was on the left side and they release orisa she was a tank and… yes the select tanks they were on the right i taught the pattern was right left right left they prove me wrong

  8. I think he should reduce the cool down on his abilities by 1 second each. I feel they could string together his combos better. Shotgun also could have either 2 more rounds added or increased damage by 10%

  9. How much damage does the rocket punch with instant button release, one bar, two bars, 3 bars, 4 bars. If its allready on 4 and you keep holding, does it get even stronger? How much damage does the wall collision?

  10. This is probably the most useless guide for doom and ik this was when he came out but still most of this are the same today and aren’t good lol

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