Delivering A Nuke To Area 52 Full Mission Gameplay – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

BJ Blazkowicz is back at it again! This time our well armed friend is fighting through a train to deliver a nuke to Area 52.

Also watch 24 Minutes of the first level:

And check out how Wolfenstein II capitalizes on its alternate history:…

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  1. Oh my God what are you doing you had a fucking silenced pistol and you switch to an assault rifle my God where do they hire you people at a fucking Kindergarten Goddamn it on top of scarce ammo I think intelligence is pretty scarce

  2. Well Gamespot since you said to put a time stamp, 16:54 was my UNFAVORITE moment when this fps noob had a silenced pistol and a great shot on the guard and then pulled out the loudest motherfucking assault rifle ever and blasted it.

  3. Arnold: "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle"
    BJ Blazkowicz: Gun…..keys……run….. then drives a Monocycle

    Fucking badass

  4. Can we take a moment to admire how damn beautiful this game is? Like the gameplay is bad but holy crap that train scene and those rockets taking off are just amazing.

  5. Sneaks in undetected chance to take the guard out with the silienced pistol with the chance to move on and take out the commander, but nope pulls out assult rifle and sets off the alarms and then can't shoot to save to save his own skin.

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