Corsair K68 Keyboard Review: Is It Worth $100?

Mechanical keyboards can be expensive. And at $100, the K68 is still a big purchase, but it’s one of better ones out there

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  1. I'm typing this on my k68 and I gotta say, I really enjoy it. I was previously using a razer ornata chroma keybaord, and i was beginning to get annoyed with the sound of the keys. They were stupid loud and I decided to try out a corsair product. Its significantly quieter and sounds better in the first place. Highly recommend this keyboard

  2. I'll be moving from Logitech to this keyboard the next couple of days.

    It's super cheap right now and it looks worth it. Logitech keyboards have been utter shit as at least 1 key has broken completely with their Romer G lineup.

    The only keyboard I've had any luck with in terms of use is a Corsair k66, which is hardly known to anyone but I was able to pick it up cheap for like £40. The reason why I wouldn't use that one is unfortunately I spilled some coke on it and whilst it does in fact work, the red switch is now super sticky. Unfortunately it's on the space bar only which is a crucial use for gaming.

    Fuck Logitech. Corsair all the way.

  3. i spilled coffee on my strafe so now i own this.. but an RGB version of it. I love it. I didn't even know it was the successor to the strafe until after i bought it.

  4. ive owned this keyboard for years, and only now found out it has a software to customize it…………..are you f*cking my a** rn

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