Vampyr – E3 2017 Official Cinematic Trailer

Take a look at the E3 2017 trailer for Vampyr.

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  1. I hope this succeeds, because then the industry will see that vampire games are profitable, and then, and only then, will we finally get a new legacy of kain game.

  2. ok, so can we show so love to werewolves now ?
    we rly need a stand alone werewolf game, ofc an RPG. In the early levels we will be forced to transform when the moon is out and we will slowly level up to reach the pack alpha

  3. Me after watching the trailer: "Looks pretty cool. The ideas are nice and could be fun."

    Me after finding out that DONTNOD developes this game: "This will be one epic ride!"

  4. Is it just me or does this game just look plain? I mean the designs just look so unforgettable nothing stands out enemies look like just regular humans. However the summary for the game says you will be fighting monsters and vampire hunters. This sounds good but whoever made this trailer stinks at their job. Even the thumbnail with the bloke wiping blood off his mouth just looks lazy and cheap. The idea could be good but their execution seems terrible. The song is cool though…

  5. 2018 is shaping up to be a good gaming year, Just hope they all live up to the hype. It's so hard to gouge a game from the trailers nowdays but will be giving this one a try cause vampires are a cool concept for a game and it will be done right one day.

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