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How Assassin's Creed Origins Is Rethinking Open World Design

Creative Director Jean Guesdon and Art Director Raphael Lacoste sat down with Game Informer to explain the philosophy behind the world they’re crafting for Origins, the lessons learned from Black Flag, and the decision to eliminate the mini-map…

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  1. Read 10 comments, 2 were positive. Why click on the video if you're just going to shit on it no matter what you're shown? That's like buying a candy bar you know you hate, just so you can't hate on it a little more to people you don't know. Besides, most of these people I think are just "like" hors. They just type shit they know will get likes.

  2. I don't understand why people complain so much about a game being even slightly similar to a game that just came out right before it. This game isn't copying Breath of the Wild or the Witcher. They are all entirely different games with different feels. If we keep doing this whole "But (insert video game here) did it first!" crap then Pong is the only legitimate video game to ever exist.

  3. How did I know I'd hear nothing new or special or "rethought" here? God I hate Ubisoft. At least with Nintendo for all their arrogance and stubbornness you get minor miracles of games every so often. I can think of one game from Ubisoft that I've enjoyed – Far Cry 3. Oh and Rayman. I've tried oh so hard to play and enjoy the AC games but it's not happening. Are there any Ubisoft fans here? What AC game should I try first? I've tried 2 a few times and just get bored.

    edit: Just searched for an "all time best Ubi games" list and Far Cry 3 is at the top.

  4. unfortunately, in this time period of the gaming industry , after games like no man's sky, Mass effect: Andromeda, For Honor, and so many others that created a lot of hype and whose developers dazzled us with words and promises, but failed miserably , we can't derive ANY excitement from ANYTHING  a dev says anymore.

  5. lmao joke of the century I saw the game at e3 it looks bad very bad and clunky not to mention that dead ai and the stealth is a fuckin illusion

  6. Wow, that fucking title.
    Assassin's Creed Origins Is NOT "Rethinking Open World Design". Try "Ubisoft is Rethinking Assassins Creed in an open world format"
    See the difference? Ubisoft is not doing anything revolutionary here, it just adapts one of its franchises to an open world approach. The one Far Cry uses?

  7. HAHAHA, this is exactly the same. This doesn't change anything. It's equally brainless to follow the compass as it is to follow the minimap. The only solution is to get rid of all compasses and minimaps and make the player utilize actual verbal directions and journal, etc. Of course, they'd never do this. The compass even shows your distance to the objective in meters! Unbelievable.

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