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GI Live – Microsoft Press Conference – E3 2017

Enjoy Microsoft’s showcase of their plans for the near future including Crackdown 3, Forza, Ori 2, Sea of Thieves and more with commentary throughout from Game Informer’s Dan Tack and Javy Gwaltney. Conference starts at 17:00.

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  1. microsoft at e3 2017 in a nutshell: we are gonna reveal our next and overpriced version of the xbox one……in 4K HD, We are gonna reveal our next game that is gonna be good just because it has good graphics……in 4K HD

  2. this new version of the Xbox One is gonna flop, like if u agree, if you are a microsoft fanboy and get mad at me for saying that this new console is gonna flop then u need 2 learn how 2 respect other people's opinion

  3. wow all those "exclusives" …. kinda stretching the truth here Microsoft. I feel like they havent learned from saying a big FU to their customers when the xbox one launched and now all this lying to them about games being exclusive.

  4. Ummm….. Why is everyone like oh, it's not exclusive, it's on PC. Um, it's all Microsoft, so technically, as a company, it is still Exclusive. Nothing in Gaming is taking super literal anymore. However, if it comes out on PS4 or Switch a few months later, then sure be mad. But as long as it is with Microsoft, who cares?

  5. Lol, Everyone talking about Exclusives coming to Xbox/PC meaning it's not an exclusive. I'm case you didn't know, You being on PC doesn't exactly make you a competitor to MS. especially when you're using their OS and for their in house games, you'd be using their Xbox app.
    Any one who would buy a PS4 but buys Xbox instead is a win for them. if they go PC instead, we'll still money in their pocket. I hope Xbox does well. I'm a Halo fan and can't wait to see it come to PC.

  6. Shout to Tack and Javy for holding it down and being honest. I'm watch GI's E3 streams specifically because of the commentary. Keep up the good work, fellas.

  7. Wait all the games work on the One S? The only difference is a bump in resolution and possibly frame rate? I might spring for the S considering I don't have a 4K tv anyway. So kudos for the price drop on that at least.

  8. Not sure how anyone could be a "fanboy" still when it comes to gaming. Everyone I know winds up eventually buying every console which is what I also do. I then buy games for whichever console they look and play best on. For the next year or so battlefield, battlefront, call of duty etc will all look and play best on Xbox one X. So other then god of war I don't see myself using my PS4 pro that much. Also saying you can just get a 4K gaming PC for anywhere close to $499 is just lying. I've been gaming on PC's since my 386 DX. You can't even buy a 4K computer monitor worth gaming on for a PC for $499. Also none supporting HDR. I will be playing every game on Xbox one X until ps5 comes out.

  9. Commentators that keep trashing VR have no vision or imagination. Maybe these dudes are not old enough to know what it is like to not grow up playing video games at all in the 70s, have no cell phones, dvd players, etc. etc.. The fact that we have VR hardware in the mainstream consumer market is a wonderful thing and to not support it is not supporting the future or hastening it. And VR is still fun even if the games are not AAA titles which technically they don't need to be since VR is more of an experience than anything else. Gaming is just one aspect of it. To say it has not had support from fans and the general public is just not true. Remember VR is not a PC or a console it is a piece of hardware. So trash the gaming companies or Sony or Microsoft for not jumping on board to help push this awesome technology that we only saw on TV and movies in fantasy only. Yada yada and blah blah blah.

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