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GI Live – EA's Full E3 2017 Press Conference

Enjoy EA’s showcase of new games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, the reveal of Anthem from BioWare, and A Way Out from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons along with pre and post-show analysis from Game Informer’s Dan Tack and Javy Gwaltney.

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  1. Kind of a waste of time. One unique and new IP that's two player only, local coop. Which is a neat idea, but… I ain't got no one who can drop by anymore to play a game. Even trying to coordinate with someone to play online is a huge challenge for me (time zones and work schedules are killers).

    I don't care about Battlefield. And Battlefront 2 seems… okay. The multiplayer seems like more of the same, like they could've added this stuff in a couple DLC packs. The single player story, if that's any good, would be the main draw. And I for one would have no problem at all if it was actually just replaying through the movies but with fun game mechanics.

    Another Need for Speed doesn't interest me too much, I feel like I've had my fill, and in fact I got one on PS4 that I've played maybe for an hour and then haven't returned to.

    I was playing this video at 1.5x speed and liberally skipping past the sports games and the long-winded hype speeches so I must have missed the brief Bioware thing… but I don't care, really. Bioware games are hit or miss for me, with a tendency toward miss. the original ME trilogy was good. Baldur's gate was fun. The first Dragon Age was good. Nothing else I really like from them.

    This could easily be cut to 10 or 15 minutes to just hit the main points, mention features, and then have Dan and Javy give some commentary about the games and the gaffes.

  2. I don't trust EA after the let Mass Effect: Andromeda come out such a pile of sh*t. Put that in our hands when it's done next time.

  3. To take a page out of EA's presser, let me offer some constructive critism:
    Dude on right: fix your hair. Of course hair means nothing at all, in regards to opinions, but no one can take you seriously. It isn't that you look like you aren't taking things seriously, but that you are "trying to look like I don't give a fuck" way too far.

  4. That 2 legged walker "thing" isn't new, was definitely in the movies and was in the original Battlefront 2. Same goes for shotguns in Star Wars, they had them in both of the original games for the Engineer class

  5. Except for a few exceptions this was major league unexciting! But what do you expect from EA. Honestly this whole E3 isn't very exciting for me because most of the games I follow have already been released or probably won't get a another game for a couple years

  6. in fine with what they showed. never been a skateboarding fan so I could care less about skate 4 ppl keep saying. and fight night maybe never been a big fighting game fan they are repetivtive too it's just fighting over and over but may try fight night if they bring it

  7. 2 not battlefront fans spout ignorant opinions. Yeah, we get it; the prequels were bad movies, but they make for good games.

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