FIFA 18 – E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer | EA Play Press Conference

FIFA 18’s gameplay debut features the elite Real Madrid forward Christiano Ronaldo.

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  1. Nah, and again… "Improved Gameplay and a new Story mode"… WOW…
    Has anyone working at EA ever visited a football match? What makes this sports so big? The fans! The people cheering and celebrating, the chants… Visited the 2nd German Bundesliga, the atmosphere is in there better than in FIFA during a Champions Cup final 😀

    But no, always this little baby steps with the gameplay. Thanks for nothing again, EA <3

  2. Gamespot plz even put some focus on Pes18 bcz there are some people who like to pes I use to be a fan of ign but now when I saw an article about pes18 and when I saw it was by GameStop I thought this is the right place tocome

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