E3 2017: Microsoft Press Conference Livestream and Pre-show

Press conference starts at 1:26:51 or watch it here:

Project Scorpio will join Sea of Thieves and Crackdown for this year’s conference, but what other big Xbox One announcements does Microsoft have in store? GameSpot pre show begins at 1:30pm PST,…

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  1. i dont get all the hate? i thought a lot of the games looked really good? why is everyone upset? isnt that what e3 is really about, video games? :/ take a step back and remember what its really about, just vidya games man

  2. God damnit Microsoft, basically no must have exclusives at all! Although I'm personally super excited for Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2, the material for Crackdown 3 was downright embarrassing and a let down. How hard can it be for a multi billion dollar company to get some fresh IP or build new games on the existing one!
    Here's an easy example, make a fucking Halo RPG, you start as a child on Reach ready to start training in Order to become a Spartan and then do shit, maybe throw some decisions in threre too which can get you kicked out of the training programm or something sooner or later an end up lost. Then pull the cryo shit you always pull, make him/her wake up somewhere and fight back to earth after Reach is destroyed. Then throw in battle with master chief as a mid game boss because UNSC thinks you're deserter or somethin. Just Pull somethin outta your ass crack! It can't be that hard. Then maybe have a nice story twist in there and boom, people might be jizzing their pants! I probably would. Then get some nice loot system going, maybe have a look at borderlands or something and come up with a few new weapons and shit, and implement armour pieces and just pull a random skill tree outta yo ass. Some abilities like cloak or that youre meele based with the energy sort shit, comon I'm doing your work for you. Just make sure the Story doesnt suck and is too confusing. Then pump it out in 4K or shit on the one X and people will probably be more willing to buy a 500$ console.
    And theres so much more in the Gears Universe as well than the good old third person shooter for the soon 5th time. You don't need completely new IP's but branch the ones you already have off.

  3. You also know it's BAD when the only thing the crowd get REALLY excited about is when Phil announces Original Xbox BC. PATHETIC!! And Sony's was horrible as well. Even the 3rd party games were piss poor. Worst E3 I've ever experienced.

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays at the end of conference. lyrics go like (Give it to me now let me say wow… ohhhh I'm speechless…..) its amazing but I can't find it…. please please !!

  5. I actually loved the MS conference this year. The new Xbox is a powerhouse! Liquid cooling – very nice! And the tons of great looking games for the entire length. Really good looking. Quite sure that whatever games come in the following years – they will look best and play smoothly on this new beast Xbox, regardless if they are exclusive or not.

  6. Thought Deep Rock was a FPS on Minecraft.  Any games got the ability to build custom maps for a FPS.  In CoD that would be brilliant.  They can then be shared.

  7. Darwin Project looks great.  I was hoping Ubisoft would bring back Assassins Creed multiplayer.  Wish a studio would take it up the hole hide and seek format was brilliant.

  8. fuck Microsoft they can suck a wookies bunghole, they ban me for talking shit and backing it up, I'm switching to PC and still playing my ps4. Microsoft only cares about money and nothing else, that's why I'm done with they're consoles.

  9. I think this was a great E3 for Microsoft. The new xbox they are bringing out sounds great and they had a lot of games to show, my personal favorite game they showed was ANTHEM, it looked amazing. However i agree with the people at gamespot that they needed a game other than FORZA developed by Microsoft Studios to really sell the console, nevertheless i think they probably had better games to show then Sony. Also i liked the 4 people from gamespot. I found them very enjoyable to watch, discussion their thoughts on Microsoft.Tamoor was really funny although they all were funny he was the funniest. Anyways i liked watching this E3, sorry for going on for long on my comment:)

  10. Im always amazed how professional game journalist's can't distinguish between Pre rendered footage and real game engine graphics! And sit there gushing about how good a game looks ?Idiots

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