Days Gone Gruesome Gameplay Demo | E3 2017 Sony Press Conference

Check out this gameplay demo of Days Gone from Sony’s E3 2017 press conference.

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  1. I don't give a damn if it reminds of the last of us, that's actually a good thing and if it's a good game, then I'm definitelly buying it!

  2. The only cool games they showed were games that were already announced. Kinda disappoint in E3 this year as a whole. Only new game reveal I'm excited for is anthem, sea of thieves, ashen, beyond good and evil 2, spider-man and this one in the video

  3. Comments are all about Last of us clone…….So what?! I'm sure tons of people are not satisfied with just one TLOU at the moment, before Part 2 came out, playing this seems like a pretty good option for me

  4. So, the dude "killed" with the rope. How … how did that work, exactly? He choked him for 3 seconds and then he's dead?

  5. I love how it allows you to decide if the zombies are enemies or weapons for your advantage, a lot of zombie games do not do this. Most have both human and zombies focused on attacking only you; a lot of games also have areas where there are one or the other present, but not both at the same time. I like how games like this are trying to raise the bar. This, dying light, and Last of Us have really made me get into zombie games.

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