Anthem E3 2017 Teaser | EA Play Press Conference

BioWare’s Project Dylan has been revealed as Anthem in a mysterious teaser.

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  1. I'm guessing it plays kinda sorta exactly like this… Future shooter with rpg elements and dialog choices. It's less open world and more hub with static characters standing around doing nothing. Boom. Bioware.

  2. So is this being revealed at the Xbox Press Conference then? Guessing it's going to be a timed exclusive or something like that, maybe just exclusive DLC, doubt it'll be a complete exclusive because they'd probably come out and say that already.

  3. Omg you people are fucking insufferable , this is a cinematic teaser and it's made by a different studio than andromeda. Goddamn sheep , get your heads out of your asses .

  4. The comments here are outrageous.

    -Anthem is multiplatform.

    -It is made by Bioware first team, the one that made the ME trilogy (Second team made Andromeda).

    -MS might have some content exclusivity.

  5. DOWNGRADE! there is no Pc that can run shit this smoothly, with no loading screens seen, impossible there is not even point in comparisson with other games of bioware, literally all new generation games are not even close to look like that and have all of that shit in screen and at the same time run so smoothly. if a TOP PC with PASCAL X will have problems with that, i cant imagine a console.

    PD: i hope i am wrong.

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